Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Mooring Expedition

On April 26, the Friends of Menjangan team have gone out with eight other people to Menjangan Island for mooring expedition. This trip consisted of replacing bottles, putting new rope and buoy. The Friends of Menjangan team managed to fix seven of the thirty four mooring buoys around the Island. The mooring buoys that we fixed were at these locations of the island: Ganesha, Bat Cave, Pasir Putih, Jeti 3, Temple Point, South Side and Blue Corner. After checking the rest of the mooring buoys, we noticed they were in good condition. This day also consisted of spending some time cleaning up post 1 and post 2 of the Island, by picking up five rice sacks of trash. According to Nono Suparno, the Friends of Menjangan team coordinator, it is important to add more mooring buoys in the upcoming high season, which is in two months. Due to a strong commitment to prevent coral damage by anchors, Nono believes it is crucial to add more mooring buoy points.

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