Saturday, 30 April 2011

First steps towards awareness & conservation


Even though the “Friends of Menjangan” project will be officially launched next Friday & Saturday (6 and 7 of May, 2011) on the Earth Day Celebration (see the poster below for details), the Biosphere Foundation Team and partners have been already engaged in actions to raise awareness  towards the conservation of the Coral Reefs.

When you reach the harbour at Labuan Lalang - place from where several boats departure daily to take tourists for fun dives - you will find brand new signs instructing the visitors to take their rubbish back home (instead of dumping the bins in the island), as well as reinforcing that we can have fun without breaking the corals by not stepping on them. These billboards will also be installed by the jetties around the island.

New moorings are also being placed in strategic spots – suggested by the local boatmen - to avoid anchoring, which, in the same way, greatly damages the reefs…

Posters will be installed in the boats, too, so the Dive Masters can reinforce these ideas while briefing the visitors before plunging into the depths of these amazing blue sea!



We’re really excited about these new movement to keep this paradise preserved for the next generations, being them our children or all those colourful families who live underwater.

If you are interested in aiding the “Friends of Menjangan” Project, please get in touch!

With your help we can do much, much more!


Satyavan Rogério Meggiolaro

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