Monday, 6 June 2011

Earth Day Celebration


We'd like to invite you to have a look at the high lights of the Earth Day Celebration which launched the Friends of Menjangan activities at the Bali Barat National Park… Enjoy!!


Students from the local High Schools, the community and many friends were invited to join in two days of celebration dedicated for the conservation of Menjangan Island and its Coral Reefs.

On the 6th of May, these talented students just filled our eyes with colours and beauty as they performed traditional music, dances and martial arts.

On the 7th, we set off on a boat expedition towards Menjangan Island to clean the beaches and the coral reefs with the help of many divers.

6th of May – Cultural Event


Bottle holders made out of recycled plastic packages were given to each student who participated in the beach clean ups.


Camping tents were set for nearly two hundred kids to spend the night before the trip to the island.


The organising team counted with the help and support of people from many different places around the globe, united in friendship and great desire to protect our living biosphere!


Laser, Capitan of MIR – Biosphere Foundation’s vessel, sets the sound system for the movie screening and the musicians, with the help of a forester from Bali Barat National Park.


Students of Children of Permuteran Association play the Gamalan – absolutely astonishing!!


Performance of Balinese traditional dances.




Orla, scientist of Biosphere Foundation, gives a speech reporting the Science Program results and encouraging local boatmen to treat the coral reefs with love and care.


David Makes, president of the Yayasan Dwi Asih Sejahtera, talks about the importance of conservation programs and the involvement of local community to protect the natural heritage of Menjangan area.



7th of May – Boat Trip to Menjangan Island


Fifteen boats departed towards Menjangan Island carrying students, volunteers, divers and a lot of hope that this precious cradle of sea life will remain protected for the welfare of the oceans and of the people who live of its richness.



Organised in teams, the students went off to different locations collecting all sort of rubbish that is washed on the shores of the island and threaten the health of fish, turtles and corals.



  Congratulations to each and every of you who put your heart and actions to start this movement!

We wish that the “Friends of Menjangan” will spread their wings to inspire communities all over the seven seas to protect their natural resources and maintain abundance of beauty and health to our planet. 


Satyavan Rogério

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